Loans for Foreigners

Money for emergencies for foreigners
At times, all of us have unexpected needs for cash for emergencies like sending money to your family or paying for a medical bill. Our company is therefore ready to assist you in your time of need.

We permit you to pay your payments via Bank Transfer, GIRO, NETS and/or Cash.

 Forms need to apply for a loan:

1) Last three months of payslips
2) Employment letter from your Company
3) Lease Agreement, PUB Bill or Hand phone Bill
4) Borrower’s Singapore Employment Pass and Valid Passport.
5) Bank Statement from the bank you put your pay check into every month.

Loans for foreigners: The simple method of getting money you need

Do you live in a foreign country and are suddenly broke? How hard do you have it if you can’t meet your daily expenses? Don’t worry now!  Even if you live in another country like Singapore, money doesn’t have to be hard to get.

Lots of money lenders exist here that will loan cash to foreigners and offer simple paybacks with easy payback plans and they aren’t hard to apply with. The standard requirements include that you have to be currently employed fulltime and have to show a current and up to date job pass. That makes it very simple for a foreigner that has these necessities to apply for a loan any time they need one.

Personal loans for foreigners are allowed because there are many of them living in Singapore and more are coming all the time.  That means that if your budget doesn’t stretch far enough and you need money to purchase a new gadget or you want to make an investment and need additional monies, you can absolutely know that there are lenders that can help you out.

If you need a loan, then you should apply only at the best and most honest loan business here in Singapore who will not make you pay hidden charges or unexpected feed. Don’t worry a minute more about it because you can get a loan easily and with no hassles or problems. No matter if you are a citizen or a foreigner; you all have the same right to live your lives the way you want.